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[texts]bicycle trailers
bicycle trailers
Keywords: bicycle; trailers; steel; frame; mild; transport; itdg; tube; trailer; hitch; mild steel; bicycle trailers; square tube; trailers intermediate; technology development; intermediate technology; development group; rubber ball; round tube; low cost
Downloads: 105
[texts]Reduced Oil Dependence Through Transport Electrification
Reduced Oil Dependence Through Transport Electrification
Keywords: oil; rail; railroads; freight; urban; transportation; cities; federal; transit; washington; urban rail; electric trolley; trolley buses; property taxes; oil supply; larger light
Downloads: 55
[texts]Plane Truths
Plane Truths
Keywords: aviation; tourism; emissions; climate; growth; cent; international; tourist; truths; flights; climate change; plane truths; developing countries; aviation emissions; aviation industry; aviation growth; air travel; civil aviation; tourist arrivals; revenue loss
Downloads: 80
[texts]NASA - Alternative Fuels and Their Potential Impact on Aviation
NASA - Alternative Fuels and Their Potential Impact on Aviation
Keywords: fuel; fuels; energy; jet; synthetic; aircraft; nasa; ethanol; airplane; alternative; jet fuel; alternative fuels; nasa sti; crude oil; synthetic jet; natural gas; synthetic fuels; takeoff weight; global warming; fuel efficiency
Downloads: 90
[texts]Handbook of Artisanal Boat Building-Spanish and English
Handbook of Artisanal Boat Building-Spanish and English
Keywords: des; les; une; sail; pour; par; pirogue; sur; construction; lea; inner keel; des planches; les planches; montants obliques; les deux; boatyard organization; sur les; stem moulding; fabrication des; approximate dimensions
Downloads: 127
[texts]Future of Mobility
Future of Mobility
Keywords: emissions; fuel; transport; energy; fuels; vehicles; hydrogen; aviation; journal; nergy; smith school; mobility roadmap; fuel cells; public transport; fuel cell; road transport; low carbon; climate change; power sources; ghg emissions
Downloads: 71
[texts]Electric Vehicle Nirvana
Electric Vehicle Nirvana
Keywords: electric; generation; genny; engine; oil; tank; vehicle; hybrid; grid; drivetrain; tank generation; electric vehicle
Downloads: 57
[texts]Ecotourism Tipsheet
Ecotourism Tipsheet
Keywords: tourism; ecotourism; local; travel; carbon; holiday; aviation; emissions; ecological; airports; carbon dioxide; alternative technology
Downloads: 34
Keywords: tourism; ecotourism; local; travel; carbon; holiday; aviation; emissions; ecological; airports; carbon dioxide; alternative technology
Downloads: 50
[texts]Community-led Transport Initiatives
Community-led Transport Initiatives
Keywords: community; lemon; bus; business; social; funding; finance; charities; biodiesel; vehicle; big lemon; social enterprise; traffic commissioner; social enterprises; running cost; web link; waste oil; review year; community interest; business link
Downloads: 32
[texts]Boat Building Manual
Boat Building Manual
Keywords: figure; planking; hull; deck; boat; frames; plywood; wood; keel; plank; stainless steel; aluminum alloy; miscellaneous details; deck beams; top edge; body plan; sheer strake; strip planking; interior joinerwork; deck joinerwork
Downloads: 261
[texts]A Roadmap for Alternative Fuels in Australia
A Roadmap for Alternative Fuels in Australia
Keywords: fuels; fuel; alternative; australia; oil; energy; roadmap; australian; fossil; biofuels; alternative fuels; fuel consumption; natural gas; fossil fuels; fossil fuel; greenhouse gas; alternative fuel; technical options; electric vehicles; jamison group
Downloads: 74
[texts]World in torment-Stafford Beer
World in torment-Stafford Beer
Keywords: triage; variety; requisite; societary; category; ideology; model; infoset; autonomy; syntegration; requisite variety; potential command; thirty people; team syntegrity; john wiley; low variety; chronic societary; years ago; triage machine; syntegrity model
Downloads: 113
[texts]Using Emergence to Take Social Innovations to Scale
Using Emergence to Take Social Innovations to Scale
Keywords: networks; emergence; communities; berkana; pioneering; connect; network; intentionally; lifecycle; efforts; local actions; living systems; pioneering leaders; pioneering efforts
Downloads: 23
[texts]The Value of a Network
The Value of a Network
Downloads: 20
[texts]The Evolution of the Information Revolution
The Evolution of the Information Revolution
Keywords: web; virtual; collaboration; internet; social; amazee; online; gregory; users; platform; social collaboration; social networking; virtual social; retrieved november; social networks; online collaboration; collaboration movement; second life; project management; internet users
Downloads: 31
[texts]The BEST Model
The BEST Model
Keywords: societal; systems; system; structures; complex; futures; evolutionary; values; social; societies; societal systems; best futures; societal system; social structures; social systems; positive feedback; industrial age; culture pattern; complex societal; planetary system
Downloads: 43
[texts]System Failure-Why Government Needs to Think Differently
System Failure-Why Government Needs to Think Differently
Keywords: systems; demos; system; failure; learning; policy; approach; adaptive; complex; thinking; systems thinking; system failure; complex adaptive; systems practice; soft systems; adaptive systems; systems approach; public policy; civil servants; systems ideas
Downloads: 58
[texts]Sustainability-Five Core Principles
Sustainability-Five Core Principles
Keywords: underlying; sustainability; principles; human; planetary; spiritual; operational; capacity; fundamental; framework; carrying capacity; core principles
Downloads: 59
Keywords: exchange; specification; platform; connected; listings; software; entries; messages; summary; email; connected community; software platform; platform draft; draft specification; community software; discussion system; transaction record; email notification; environmental soundness; detailed specification
Downloads: 23
[texts]Secret of Six Principles
Secret of Six Principles
Keywords: rodeo; complexity; principles; process; organisational; organisation; business; context; kit; tool; rodeo process; complexity principles; complexity science; business development; starter kit; context analysis; case study; opportunity exploration; industrial partners; rodeo project
Downloads: 78
Keywords: rmi; amory; energy; hunter; foundation; lovins; natural; capitalism; rocky; institute; natural capitalism; rocky mountain; annual report; mountain institute; institute annual; amory lovins; hunter lovins; eric konheim; bill browning; windstar land
Downloads: 28
[texts]Places to Intervene in a System
Places to Intervene in a System
Keywords: leverage; system; feedback; systems; paradigm; negative; loops; power; loop; rules; negative feedback; leverage point; leverage points; feedback loops; positive feedback; positive loop; feedback loop; raw material; nuclear power; missing feedback
Downloads: 43
Keywords: evolution; artificial; computer; life; complexity; system; human; species; complex; natural selection; artificial evolution; artificial life; complex systems; von neumann; digital cash; tom ray; computer science; years ago; pretty good
Downloads: 181
[texts]Networked Politics Reader
Networked Politics Reader
Keywords: political; networked; social; una; progress; movements; las; los; networks; political parties; social movements; social forums; trade union; german greens; social democratic; left party; autonomous space; margins jeffrey; forum social
Downloads: 284
[texts]Networked Politics
Networked Politics
Keywords: political; social; movements; politics; principle; institutions; transformative; global; forms; social movements; free software; political organisation; political parties; networked politics; social movement; rethinking political; mayo fuster; marco berlinguer; linux metaphor
Downloads: 55
[texts]Network Logic-Who Governs in an Interconnected World
Network Logic-Who Governs in an Interconnected World
Keywords: networks; network; demos; social; logic; collective; organisational; wealth; knowledge; nwp; network logic; social networks; network campaigns; professional development; social capital; smart mobs; network leaders; network campaigning; collective efficacy; network society
Downloads: 59
[texts]Network Centric Advocacy Paper
Network Centric Advocacy Paper
Keywords: advocacy; network; organizations; organizational; campaigns; media; environmental; resources; grassroots; centric; policy change; environmental movement; centric advocacy; green media; common story; social ties; media toolshed; lessons learned; environmental leadership; social network
Downloads: 26
[texts]Nested Living Systems-Holons
Nested Living Systems-Holons
Keywords: systems; exergy; entropy; system; living; processes; autopoietic; nested; ecological; energy; living systems; living system; nested living; high entropy; entropy products; entropy production; regenerative cycle; organisational exergy; optimum operating; nested systems
Downloads: 41
[texts]Movement as Network
Movement as Network
Keywords: organizations; environmental; solution; movement; network; gideon; rosenblatt; organizational; model; solutions; environmental movement; solution organizations; gideon rosenblatt; people organizations; network model; solution groups; solution coordinating; resource organizations; constituent bases; model suggests
Downloads: 25
[texts]MIT Network Organisation
MIT Network Organisation
Keywords: network; organizational; organization; networks; organizations; agents; coordination; ties; theories; decentralized; network organization; organization survey; property rights; network organizations; harvard business; transaction cost; vertical integration; decision rights; organizational learning; coordination costs
Downloads: 31
[texts]Local Knowledge-Innovation in the Networked Age
Local Knowledge-Innovation in the Networked Age
Keywords: knowledge; silicon; valley; duguid; regions; local; brown; digital; innovative; june; local knowledge; silicon valley; knowledge brown; local character; material goods; john seely; harvard business; business school
Downloads: 44
[texts]Gaian Democracies Intro
Gaian Democracies Intro
Keywords: gaian; global; monetocracy; democracies; pdf; pdffactory; fineprint; liberating; globalisation; porto; gaian democracies; global monetocracy; trial version; pro trial; pdffactory pro; pdf created; fineprint pdffactory; global network; sustainable gaian; porto alegre
Downloads: 34
[texts]Environmental Design Science Primer
Environmental Design Science Primer
Keywords: design; energy; system; science; fuller; preferred; maximum; metabolic; resources; humanity; design science; design scientist; external metabolic; planning process; metabolic system; science planning; preferred system; ecological context; buckminster fuller; generalized principles
Downloads: 61
[texts]Earthdance-Living Systems in Evolution
Earthdance-Living Systems in Evolution
Keywords: species; living; human; creatures; evolved; nature; evolution; bacteria; humans; dna; living things; living systems; living creatures; billion years; mutual consistency; carbon dioxide; indigenous people; great deal; ancient bacteria; raw materials
Downloads: 61
[texts]Distributed Networked Biobased Economies
Distributed Networked Biobased Economies
Keywords: biomass; energy; algae; biodiesel; distributed; oil; biorefinery; production; http; renewable; small scale; open source; fossil fuels; renewable resources; raw materials; distributed systems; raw material; renewable energy; fossil fuel; energy generation
Downloads: 43
[texts]Design Science Framework
Design Science Framework
Keywords: design; science; process; concept; sustainability; principles; universal; essential; generalized; fuller; design science; design process; universal design; generalized principles; buckminster fuller; science approach; design spiral; ultimate design; special case; science event
Downloads: 64
[texts]Culpabliss Error
Culpabliss Error
Keywords: models; surrogate; culpabliss; systemic; ethical; stafford; technique; aristotle; reductive; model; business school; years ago; tiny particles; thirty years; surrogate worlds; reductive technique; john wiley; culpabliss error
Downloads: 59
[texts]Collective Intelligence
Collective Intelligence
Keywords: collective; intelligence; pyramidal; noubel; copyleft; individual; social; communities; knowledge; global; collective intelligence; pyramidal intelligence; original collective; swarm intelligence; global collective; free software; gift economy; universal tongue; small groups; real time
Downloads: 170
[texts]An Introduction to Cybernetics
An Introduction to Cybernetics
Keywords: transformation; variety; cybernetics; system; machine; set; input; introduction; regulation; determinate; black box; markovian machine; determinate machine; large system; requisite variety; incessant transmission; dynamic system; kinematic graph; markov chain; basic formulation
Downloads: 158
[texts]Zhendong Sun, Shuzhi Sam Ge - Stability Theory of Switched Dynamical Systems
Zhendong Sun, Shuzhi Sam Ge - Stability Theory of Switched Dynamical Systems
Keywords: switching; switched; linear; system; stability; lyapunov; systems; piecewise; matrix; stable; switched linear; switched system; linear system; switching law; lyapunov function; linear systems; switching signal; piecewise linear; ieee trans; positive real
Downloads: 265
[texts]Yu Shi, Hai-Wen Ge, Rolf D. Reitz - Computational Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines
Yu Shi, Hai-Wen Ge, Rolf D. Reitz - Computational Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines
Keywords: engine; optimization; combustion; spray; fuel; injection; soot; diesel; optimal; nox; sae paper; engine optimization; diesel engine; swirl ratio; spray angle; crank angle; scaling laws; pareto solutions; mechanism reduction; fuel consumption
Downloads: 2,009
[texts]Xiaohua Tian, Thinh M. Le, Yong Lian - Entropy Coders of the H.264_AVC Standard
Xiaohua Tian, Thinh M. Le, Yong Lian - Entropy Coders of the H.264_AVC Standard
Keywords: coding; context; cabac; encoder; ram; block; design; rdo; coded; bin; cabac encoder; context model; context ram; system bus; coded ses; ram access; model selection; cabac encoding; context models; video coding
Downloads: 255
[texts]Wolfgang Rathgeber, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Ray A. Williamson - The Fair and Responsible Use of Space
Wolfgang Rathgeber, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Ray A. Williamson - The Fair and Responsible Use of Space
Keywords: space; international; debris; outer; data; satellite; satellites; orbit; objects; military; outer space; space debris; space activities; united nations; space security; current questions; space situational; space traffic; space policy; situational awareness
Downloads: 348
[texts]Werner Karl Schomburg - Introduction to Microsystem Design
Werner Karl Schomburg - Introduction to Microsystem Design
Keywords: membrane; beam; deflection; pressure; valve; flow; strain; calculated; function; force; strain gauges; pressure difference; characteristic curve; pressure drop; residual stress; dead volume; feed channels; valve seat; resistance change; resonance frequency
Downloads: 354
[texts]Wen-Qin Wang - Near-Space Remote Sensing
Wen-Qin Wang - Near-Space Remote Sensing
Keywords: sar; remote; azimuth; antenna; sensing; vehicles; radar; imaging; phase; ieee; remote sensing; synthetic aperture; mimo sar; hrws remote; aperture radar; azimuth resolution; passive remote; image formation; moving target; digital beamforming
Downloads: 133
[texts]Vytautas Ostasevicius, Rolanas Dauksevicius - Microsystems Dynamics
Vytautas Ostasevicius, Rolanas Dauksevicius - Microsystems Dynamics
Keywords: microcantilever; vibration; rotor; frequency; micromotor; mems; electrostatic; vibrations; poles; damping; finite element; vibration modes; natural frequency; natural frequencies; stator poles; rebound amplitudes; nodal points; vibration mode; transverse vibrations; numerical analysis
Downloads: 128
[texts]Viktor Sverdlov - Strain-Induced Effects in Advanced MOSFETs
Viktor Sverdlov - Strain-Induced Effects in Advanced MOSFETs
Keywords: silicon; strain; stress; band; electron; mobility; transport; symmetry; quantum; subband; band structure; monte carlo; electron devices; conduction band; effective mass; shear strain; mobility enhancement; effective masses; valley splitting; valence band
Downloads: 247
[texts]Victor Birman - Plate Structures
Victor Birman - Plate Structures
Keywords: plate; plates; stress; equations; stresses; shear; bending; buckling; boundary; composite; boundary conditions; stress resultants; composite plates; stress couples; simply supported; transverse shear; plate subject; middle plane; functionally graded; shear stress
Downloads: 167
[texts]Vadim Vasyukevich - Asynchronous Operators of Sequential Logic_ Venjunction _ Sequention
Vadim Vasyukevich - Asynchronous Operators of Sequential Logic_ Venjunction _ Sequention
Keywords: sequention; binary; sequentions; xzy; logical; venjunction; venjunctive; function; switching; trigger; bistable cell; trigger function; circuit design; zone model; binary relations; venjunctive functions; output signal; binary sets; logical circuit; binary relation
Downloads: 63
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